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Ray & My Canes

Ray is back this week at Sarah Spanks Men, and I’m not sure if you watched his first ever film file ssm-125 ‘Late Arrival’. He was quite vocal throughout as Sarah used a wonderful array of implements including The Trojan very large Oak wooden paddle on his bare bottom, a befitting punishment for being over an hour late for the session and not bothering to get in touch.

So I guess the new film title gives a bit of a clue as to the latest film ‘Ray and my canes’ file ssm-128.

If you know Sarah, or have watched many of her films not just at Sarah Spanks Men but also at the other wonderful spanking sites at Strand Video, or you’ve had the ultimate pleasure of being caned in session or on film, then you will know caning is one of Sarah’s most favourite things.

Sarah still has the implements from Ray’s first session on the sofa, and gives a quick recap on what was used in his first scene. Ray admits the tiny crop was probably the worst of the lot which I can believe especially the style in which Sarah uses it to inflict pain. 

Sarah has chosen two very different canes for this session, a very whippy cane and a very heavy thuddy cane. The reasoning behind her thinking is so Ray can get the best of both worlds and be able to compare. Sarah is so thoughtful when it comes to ideas like this.

Ray is soon in position, bent over the Sofa presenting his bare bottom ready for Sarah’s caning. Sarah kicks off with the whippy cane but before the first she does request Ray keeps the noise down to a minimum.

This whippy cane is making the most wonderful sound as it strikes Ray’s bare bottom, and Ray is doing an excellent job staying quiet at Sarah’s request. Ah yes these whippy cane strokes are really hitting home, Ray is definitely feeling the force as Sarah continues her caning perfection. Sarah has a little chuckle to herself as she enjoys listening to Ray trying to compose himself between cane strokes.

Sarah then switches to the thuddy cane and immediately Ray is in trouble as the first cane stroke lands, Sarah’s words with a little chuckle thrown in are ‘it feels a little different doesn’t it’..more strokes are delivered to perfection and Ray struggles more with each stroke received.

Sarah finishes with six hard strokes, perfectly placed making Ray squirm quite a lot under the pain, to Sarah’s amusement of course.

I think Ray has learnt his lesson in not being late in the future, if there is a future of course, will Ray return after this hard caning punishment? Only time will tell but I’m sure he will be because it will have been a most wonderful caning to be on the receiving end of too.

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