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My Riding Whips

Henry is back at Sarah Spanks Men this week with yet more presents. This time a cuddly teddy bear for Sarah to try and win over her charm. Judging by the array of implements Sarah has chosen for this session it seems his scheme hasn’t worked….again, although Henry has been caught out as it transpires he’s nicked the teddy from a shop without paying and Sarah knows the shopkeeper so Sarah has named her new bear ‘tealeaf’ how apt !!

Sarah has a nice array of canes, whips and crops ready for Henry’s bottom as ‘tealeaf’ is propped on the end of the sofa to enjoy the punishment session.

Sarah opens with a baby crop which doesn’t look too bad but I can honestly tell you this tiny crop is very painful indeed. it has a real sting to it and even worse at the frequency in which Sarah likes to apply it, very rapid strokes indeed, the sound of this tiny crop is just amazing and you can tell it’s definitely hitting home as far as Henry is concerned.

The next implement to hand, I think you’d call it a Carriage Driving Whip, the kind of thing used by the driver of a horse drawn carriage. A long very flexible rod with a tiny rope and knot at the end. This is absolute agony on naked flesh. I remember Sarah using this whip on me in session when she used it on my back. There is a very special technique required which Sarah has down to a very fine art, the frequency, style and distance the tiny rope piece has to be away from the body to produce the best effect and inflict the most pain. I can only describe it to a flurry of bee stings being inflicted one after the other, it’s a very painful experience.

After a so called ‘warming up session’ Sarah’s reaches for one of her favourite thuddy canes and begins to cane Henry’s bare bottom with lovely hard perfect strokes. They both have a chuckle together part way through which is lovely considering the harshness of the punishment currently being delivered.  Sarah switches to straight handled dragon cane to continue her wonderful caning on Henry’s now very stripy and sore bare bottom.

Sarah concludes by telling Henry to stay bent over the stool with his very well punished bottom on display to help deter any further wannabe teddy bear tealeaf’s.

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