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A very painful experience

Welcome back Robert to Sarah Spanks Men and in the words of Monty Python “and now for something completely different” !!

If you remember in his first scene Robert told a few white lies about it being his first spanking but Sarah soon unearthed what looked like remnants of a past caning and in the end Robert confessed to having been with another Domme in the past.

I wonder if that’s why Sarah has decided to mix things up a bit for this next instalment of wonderful punishments.  

Something Sarah does a lot in session but perhaps not in films is front leg and upper front thigh punishments. This can be with her hand, a cane, a crop or whatever Sarah may have to hand. I know Sarah used a loopee implement on the front of my thighs once in session and I did yell quite loudly.

Sarah opens the scene explaining this very thing, that she has a plan to punish Roberts upper front thighs. Now I would say he’s in for a treat but I don’t think you would believe me, it’s gonna hurt like crazy.

So Robert is in place sat on Sarah’s bench, nervously guarding his gentleman’s bits with his hand as Sarah goes to work on his upper thighs….with her hand, lovely solid hard hand spanks. In no time there are perfect bright red hand marks appearing which Sarah continues to spank over to see if she can make them even more red. So that’s the front taken care of, Robert is now told to turn around and get over the bench ready for a hard caning, but not before Sarah has hand-spanked the his back lower thighs. I think Robert is finding this harder to cope with than when Sarah spanked the front.

Sarah then dons a lovely straight-handled dragon cane and begins to deliver the most wonderful hard strokes on Roberts bare bottom.  His stripes are amazing from this first cane however Sarah thinks she can add to them so she switches to a thicker more thuddy straight-handled rattan cane which I know is fast becoming one of her favourite canes. This is really hitting home and Robert’s bottom is now looking very well punished.

A few hard thigh hand spanks followed by a few very hard last cane strokes and Sarah concludes a very well caned bottom.

I think I’m in agreement with Sarah. What do you think?

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