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Late Arrival

Welcome Ray to Sarah Spanks Men, his first time at the site and another new bottom for Sarah to inflict her most wonderful punishments…

…and form the off all is not well, you see Ray is over an hour late for his first session and didn’t bother notifying Sarah pending his late arrival. So there’s Sarah sat waiting in her most wonderful psychedelic dress, which looks absolutely amazing I have to say, with no bottom to spank.

Ray eventually pitches up with some rather lame excuse and from the look on his face sat listening to the tone of Sarah’s voice, I think the penny’s dropped and he knows he might be in a spot of bother.

Sarah is so cross that she’s decides to dispense with what would have been a warm-up over-the-knee hand spanking and decides to start with a ‘full on punishment’  Sarah’s words not mine. I can’t help but notice a fine array of implements at the end of the sofa which I guess Sarah has already chosen as part of Ray’s chastisement one being the most wonderful Trojan custom made wooden paddle. This is the largest wooden oak custom paddle which was specifically designed to be quite thin but big enough to thwack both bottom cheeks simultaneously. It’s a most formidable implement.

Sarah beings to run through her chosen implements which include a tiny baby crop which  is very stingy indeed, one of her favourite leather tawses a nice XXH choice, the custom-made leather paddle which is a most brutal implement which you may have seen being used on Amelia-Jane-Rutherford’s gorgeous bottom in a very recent scene as Spanking Sarah where Amelia was punished wearing her yellow plastic raincoat (a most wonderful scene), and of course the Trojan as previously mentioned. (Picture added for your perusal).

Ray is told to strip and present his naked bottom ready for his punishments. Sarah wastes no time in getting to work with the tiny crop and immediately Ray is in all kinds of trouble. I kind of know where he’s coming from as I’ve had this implement used on me and it’s pure hell so I am not surprised Ray is dancing about the place.

This tiny crop is producing the most amazing marks on Ray’s bottom with a most amazing soundtrack.  Sarah switches to the custom leather paddle which is having the desired effect, yes that is it seems Ray isn’t quite ready for a paddle like this, remember it is a custom one, not something you can buy off the shelf. Sarah has to put this paddle down and change to the tawse. I think this is a little easier on Ray as he seems to be enjoying this a little more.

..and finally it’s the Trojan. This paddle is so big it almost looks out of scale to everything else and it never fails to disappoint when being used on a willing naked bottom. A final stroke with the Trojan and Sarah concludes the session is complete. By the look of Ray’s now very well punishment bottom and the array of sounds produced during his first punishment it seems he is in total agreement.

A wonderful first time on film for Ray and I guess he won’t be late again in the future.

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