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Cold Caning for Henry

Henry is back this week at Sarah Spanks Men and Sarah has something new in store for him. You see to date there have been some great scenes including a little larking around on set which I think is great fun, however the joviality seems to have ebbed at the beginning of this scene whilst Sarah explains how she’s pushed Henry’s pain threshold and in her eyes he’s ready for a cold caning.

This is a most exciting, challenging and memorable time for a subby and I don’t think you ever forget your first cold caning experience, but thereafter you enjoy the challenge every time your wonderful Domme orders you to strip and adopt the position as you submit yourself for what’s about to be a most wonderful punishment. 

Your endorphins are racing at the excitement and anticipation of what’s coming next even before the first cane stroke and when it’s delivered you start a most wonderful high with each cane stroke applied. I can honestly say I adore being caned, cold caning is different as it is a challenge and I don’t think it matters how many times you’ve been cold caned, it’s always a most amazing experience, even more so in the hands of someone as special as Sarah Stern dishing out her perfect punishments. I adore being caned by Sarah and when it’s over, I just want to start it all over again, if only our trashed stripy bottoms would allow it. So I guess Henry is in for a very special treat.

For this session Sarah has chosen two quite heavy thuddy straight-handle canes. They are a set with one being shorter than the other, the shorter cane 60cms and the longer one 83cms both around 12mm in diameter. I’ve added a picture of the two canes.

You’d probably think that the longer cane is the more severe out the two but for some reason the shorter one really does pack a punch and this is the cane Sarah has decided to start with.

In no time Henry is over Sarah famous spanking bench getting himself ready for his first cold caning. Sarah starts off with the short cane and right away Henry is feeling these strokes. The short cane is making the most amazing sound as it strikes Henry’s bare bottom time after time. Sarah applies a flurry of strokes here and there in two’s and three’s to ensure Henry get’s the most enjoyment from his first cold caning experience. This small cane is producing the most amazing stripes on Henry’s bottom as it’s being applied with absolute perfection, and the sound, I think it’s getting better as the caning continues.

Henry is allowed to stand for a moment and rub his well-punished bottom whilst Sarah switches to her longer cane which in Henry’s mind feels more severe than the shorter one. It could be that Sarah is hitting him harder with it but I doubt we’ll ever find out the real reason, only that is looks and sounds fantastic as Sarah continues her caning.

Sarah announces a final six strokes to finish off the session which are hard strokes, pretty much the same as the entire session.

A hug and a well done from Domme to Sub concludes a wonderful first cold caning for Henry by the most gorgeous Sarah Stern and I bet Henry is itching for another cold caning already, I know I am after watching this wonderful scene.

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