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First Caning Requested

Welcome back Robert to Sarah Spanks Men and if you recall he tried to pull the wool over Sarah’s eyes in saying it was his first ever spanking during in this his first scene (film ssm-120),  but luckily Sarah uncovered the truth when spanking his bare bottom soon uncovering what looked like remnants of an earlier caning. Of course Sarah opened the taps and gave Roberts’ bottom a very hard spanking indeed.

Sarah’s parting words in this first scene were quite simple, for lying Robert was going to receive the hardest caning of his life, as Sarah went off to fetch a cane for the job.

So we pick up the new film (file ssm-123) and absolutely true to her word, Sarah has chosen a lovely straight very thuddy cane for Roberts pleasure….oops I mean punishment.

Sarah provides an update as to why this caning is necessary as Robert looks very worried I have to say probably unaware of what’s about to happen. Of course loyal fans will know Sarah absolutely adores dishing out a hard caning so I know she will be very excited at the prospect.

Of course the caning is on the bare bottom from the off. Robert is made to bend over in a chair as Sarah begins her caning, lovely hard perfect strokes on his already punished bottom.

Sarah’s perfect cane strokes are adding to those previously left by whomever, in fact Sarah’s caning is far more precise than the previous time which is beginning to produce some wonderful stripes, and a perfect demonstration thrown into the mix displaying the difference between a left-handed caner over right-handed caner.

Sarah’s cane strokes are hard, precise and very rapid, much quicker than we’ve seen in the past. This could be a release of anger perhaps, sheer enjoyment, or perhaps a little of both. Robert on the other hand is starting to struggle as Sarah continues with this hard and severe punishment.

Sarah does a quick inspection and sees Robert’s bottom is looking a little broken so in fairness decides to finish off with a further rapid twelve strokes…..oh and just when you thought it was all over a further six.

But it’s not over until it’s over, Sarah isn’t absolutely sure it’s all done and dusted. Robert has been invited back by Sarah for a further caning sometime in the future when his bottom has mended, I should have mentioned, that’s a cold caning too, now that is Sarah’s most favourite punishment, that will be worth watching. Hurry up and mend Robert !!

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