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Henry Caned

If you recall in the last scene (file ssm-118) ‘Henry and the Sex Doll’ at Sarah Spanks Men, Henry was paddled by Sarah and Luna for his ridiculous behaviour in bringing along a life-size inflatable doll for Sarah which was meant to be by way of an apology for breaking one of Sarah’s dolls in the past. Of course Sarah didn’t see the funny side and invited Luna to share in a double paddling on his bare bottom.

Luna was left paddling Henry’s bottom whilst Sarah dashed off to fetch one of her canes.

We pick the film up with Sarah back in the room with her cane and everyone smiling and giggling and generally having a fun time. I think that’s about to all change especially from Henry’s point-of-view.

Sarah has chosen a lovely whippy long cane which is making the most amazing noise as it strikes Henry’s bottom. Luna is invited to stay and watch whilst the punishment continues.

Oh yes  this is a wonderful caning, this swishy cane is producing some amazing stripes on Henry’s bare bottom. Sarah announces a final six strokes where Henry pipes up and says “well that’s 46 then” not that Sarah or Luna were counting the strokes.

Sarah always true to her word promises the last stroke to be the….well Henry, what do they say about the last stroke? Henry hesitates before admitting it’s the hardest, perhaps he was hoping Sarah had forgotten too, but oh no, Sarah never disappoints and the last stroke is easily the hardest.

Luna is invited to inspect Henry’s bottom and is in total agreement with Sarah, it’s a very well caned bottom.

Let’s hope next time Henry brings a suitable replacement doll. I’ve got a sneaky feeling though, he’s going to do something rather stupid again and have to face the consequences.

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