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A first spanking ever for Robert

Welcome Robert to Sarah Spanks Men another first for Sarah, but not only his first time at the site but also his very first spanking too.

Robert explains to Sarah that he’s watched lots of spanking films in the past but never taken the plunge up until today to actually have a real spanking himself. Sarah is amazed that this will be Roberts first ever spanking and that he’s decided to film the session too, secretly I think Sarah is quite excited by the idea too.

Because this is Roberts first ever spanking Sarah has decided to spank Robert in his jeans, then his pants before getting to his bare bottom. Often the case is to start with pants closely followed by bare bottom or a lot of the time Sarah does like to begin on the bare bottom when you’re over her knee being spanked on the bare bottom.

So Sarah begins with Robert over her knee spanking over his jeans giving him every chance to come to terms with his first ever spanking.  A few more swats and Robert is made to stand so Sarah can unfasten his belt, undo his jeans in order to pull them down. This is quite humiliating for Robert however he did agree to go through with it so he has to face the consequences.

Robert is back over Sarah’s knee being spanked over his boxers. Sarah is in true form spanking his bottom with lovely hard thwacks which he seems to be able to tolerate. Robert admits he’s starting to feel these hand spanks now as I think Sarah has upped the ante one again.

It must be time soon for those boxers to go, ah yes there it is as Sarah removes them to see just how red Roberts bottom is going.  Well Roberts world is about to fall apart, as Sarah slowly peels down his boxers, her hand spanking has revealed what can only be described as the remnants from an earlier caning (by someone else), which Robert inadvertently forgot to mention. In the words of Sarah, one of her catch-phrases – “Oh Deary Me” !!

Well you can tell Sarah is very cross by the way she immediately begins to spank Roberts’ now bare bottom. It’s Sarah in full-on Spanking mode, the kind we know and love and Robert is now feeling this spanking very hard indeed.

Sarah explains to Robert as she continues to spank his bottom that for lying he’s going to receive the hardest caning of his life, as she goes off to fetch her canes.

I couldn’t help but notice Sarah’s new high leather boots, you look amazing in them, I hope you wear them more in the future when you are thwacking naughty male bottoms.  

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