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Sarah Spanks Men and Guests

Sarah Spanks Men is a wonderful spanking website dedicated to the punishment of willing male bottoms.

Ok so it says Sarah Spanks Men, but that hasn’t stopped Sarah bringing in other spankees, tops or switches to appear in her films on this her most wonderful spanking website.

There have been some amazing scenes to date with guest appearances from the likes of Lola-Marie, Princess Portia, April-May and the most gorgeous Jess who likes to cane naked. Not only do they get to appear in the films but they get the chance to join in and punish those willing male bottoms.

I remember when I (Kodders) was caned by Jess and Paddled by Lola-Marie, as directed by Sarah of course but they were extremely enjoying sessions and proved to be great films.

On top of these wonderful ladies guest appearances, we have lots of different stories and costumes. Sarah is often seen in the most gorgeous lingerie, if you remember Peeping Tom which was a scene I took part in, where you see me spying on Sarah dressing (file ssm-051), which ends up with me being caught and going over Sarah’s knee for a hard slippering.

A new story is St JUSTS Academy, where it’s the parents who are punished for their child’s bad behaviour. There are some great scenes already published at Spanking Sarah and the story has recently appeared at Sarah Spanks Men with on screen couple Kodders and Kali.

There are always new ideas, new sets, new costumes, new willing male bottoms and an ever growing number of guest appearances by female tops, bottoms and switches. I think it’s what Sarah calls mixing it up a bit.

We hope you continue to enjoy this amazing spanking website, which is one of the best dedicated to the punishment of willing male bottoms. 

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