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The Impersonator

So there I was (Kodders) getting the set ready to shoot a spanking film. Everything was pretty much set up and ready, cameras – check, lights – check, sound -check , I was just waiting on Mr Stern who was about but obviously busy. Sarah had gone out to do the shopping and wasn’t expected back for at least another hour or so.

So there I was waiting on set by myself when out of the blue walks in this wonderful lady in the most wonderful dress and stockings. She must have let herself in the back gate and into the conservatory. She introduced herself as Ambrosia and told me she’d come to see Mr Stern. Now I had a couple of options – 1) come clean and say Mr Stern would be here shortly or 2) Say I was Mr Stern, well after looking at her gorgeous bottom in her very short dress I couldn’t help myself and said I was Mr Stern. Ambrosia said she’d come for her first spanking ever and was really eager to get going.

Ambrosia was over my knee in a flash being spanked by ‘Mr Stern’ firstly over her dress and then with her dress lifted to reveal her tiny thong which was soon removed for her very first bare-bottom spanking. I have to say it was the most wonderful experience spanking this cute ladies’ bare bottom and she seemed to be enjoying it too. I thought to myself, damn Mr Stern, you’re a lucky man.

I continued spanking her bottom, oh I nearly forgot to mention, you can watch this scene at English Spankers as I did have the cameras running, it’s file spr-1654.

I must say I was enjoying myself (and I think Ambrosia was too) that I completely lost track of time and was caught red handed with a very red bottom over my knee by Sarah as she walked in the room with Ambrosia still over my knee. Sarah had a chuckle as she realised what had happened but unfortunately for me her mood soon turned very stern indeed, Stern by name Stern by nature.

I was made to stand up, remove my trousers and pants to be humiliated and punished in front of Ambrosia for my wrong doing. Sarah used a very thick leather strap paddle and made sure she got the back of my legs as well as my bare bottom. It hurt so much as I was being punished with Ambrosia sat right next to me. Sarah switched to her cane, a horrible heavy thuddy rattan cane and continued her punishment. I don’t know exactly how many cane strokes she delivered but it was enough to leave my bottom broken and very stripy.

I was made to stay in position whilst Sarah and Ambrosia inspected by now very punished bottom.

Did I learn my lesson, damn right I did, I would never say I’m Mr Stern ever again, maybe, perhaps !!

This film was also captured for Sarah Spanks Men and don’t forget Ambrosia’s first ever spanking is new at English Spankers.

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