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Henry and the sex doll

Welcome back Henry who is becoming a regular at Sarah Spanks Men.

The scene opens with Sarah chatting with Luna-Rose, for those Spanking Sarah members you may remember Luna as a naughty nurse who received some lovely punishments in the past from Sarah.

The two ladies are looking through an array of lovely paddles which are some of Sarah’s favourites and it sounds as though they’re expecting the imminent arrival of a willing male bottom who hasn’t shown up, at least not yet. If you know what’s good for you and your bottom, you’d never be late for a session with Sarah, or for any wonderful Domme for that matter.

Surprise….as Henry bursts through the door. I don’t think Sarah was expecting him however in the absence of anyone else, I suppose his bottom will have to make do.

Henry tries to make amends to his dreadful behaviour we all learnt about in an earlier scene where in the past he broke one of Sarah’s favourite dolls. He’s given Sarah a life-size inflatable sex doll as a gift and in way of an apology.

It’s obvious from Sarah’s reaction all is not well. Now Henry has two options, 1) Run 2) stay and face the consequences. Unfortunately Sarah has already chosen option two as Henry is positioned in the chair with his trouser and pants removed. Remember Luna has been watching from the start so I guess the two ladies will get to try those paddles out after all.

Luna is invited by Sarah to take it in turns paddling Henry’s naked bottom. What’s not good for Henry is Luna has chosen one of the thickest, nastiest & heaviest leather paddles which was custom made to order. Sarah has chosen a slightly lighter slipper paddle which is being applied very firmly indeed.

The two ladies switch paddles so the ‘possibly the nastiest paddle ever made’ is now in Sarah’s hands. Henry’s bottom is soon turning a wonderful shade of red from this paddling which stir’s Sarah on to straddle his bottom and continue with the slipper paddle. I don’t think Henry really knows what to do other than apologise of course.

Luna is left practicing on Henry’s bottom as Sarah dashes off to fetch a cane, oh deary me Henry. I guess you won’t be buying any more life-size inflatable sex dolls as gifts….in the future !!

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