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Parents at St JUSTS

There are so many great spanking mini-series at Spanking Sarah, Red Stripe Films, English Spankers and now Sarah Spanks Men. Probably the most classic series of all is Unladylike Manor & The Sexy Cleaning Company which have been running for some years now, however some of the newer series to hit these wonderful spanking sites at Strand Video are The Spanking Cook Book, and now St JUSTS Academy. There have been some wonderful scenes to date at St JUSTS but there’s a twist, it’s the parents who are punished by the Academy head principle Sarah Stern.

The new scene at Sarah Spanks Man is a double punishment for Kodders and Kali. Their little boy, little horror more like, Jonathon has been playing truant and both parents have been called in by the head principle. This is humiliating enough for Kodders and Kali as they are no longer together but have to sit side-by-side being ridiculed by Principle Stern for their Son’s bad behaviour.

Principle Stern removes her glasses as she asks Mr Kodders if he’s comfortable lying length-ways over the Academy’s new spanking bench with his trousers and pants removed. A very nasty leather paddle is the Principles choice to use on Kodders thighs which I can tell you hurt like hell. Poor Kali is made to stand and watch but no fear, she will be punished afterwards I’ve no doubt.

Kodders bottom is very soon turning a very bright shade of red which looks like a big square shape due to the edges of the paddle. Kodders does give Principle Stern a bit of back-chat which is the most stupid idea as it ends up in extra punishments whilst sill over the bench.

How many paddle strokes does Principle Stern deliver? I have no idea I lost count as there were so many and just when Kodders thinks it’s all over as he’s been made to stand in the corner, he’s told by Principle Stern to get back over her bench for the final part which turns out to be a hard caning.

By the end of the caning Kodders bottom is very well punished. I doubt he’ll be back at St JUSTS in a hurry, if he knows what’s good for him !!

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