A cold caning for Nigel

WOW, another cold caning at Sarah Spanks Men this time for Nigel. I know dishing out a cold caning is one of Sarah’s most favourite CP things in the world, and I guess being on the receiving end of one of her cold caning’s is something utterly special too.

So Sarah has two new canes. They are very similar except for the length. Both are very thuddy one being 83cms in length and the shorter one 60cms in length. Sarah is keen to try a little research into her new canes and requires a willing bottom, oh well done Nigel for volunteering.

Sarah makes a prediction the longer of the two canes may feel harder, Nigel has other ideas and thinks the shorter of the two will be worse. Sarah suggests groups of six strokes checking progress as each set of six are complete with each cane. Nigel gets himself into position over Sarah spanking bench ready for her research to begin.

Sarah begins with the shorter of the two canes which proves to be quite a beast. The stripes are very prominent on Nigel’s bottom from this shorter cane with the first six strokes delivered. Sarah switches to the longer cane. I think from Nigel’s reaction he’s feeling a similar kind of application from both canes.

Sarah decides she prefers the shorter of the two canes and so naturally switches back to it inadvertently stumbling on a new caning position stood close to Nigel’s side, Sarah discovers she can apply this cane with just as much force in this position. I wonder if Sarah could use this cane whilst you were over her knee? I think some more research is required to determine this !!

A few double strokes to finish up and Nigel’s bottom is a picture of pure caned perfection.

The verdict is the shorter of the two is best, and Sarah asked the question, who is next for this nasty little cane, well seen that you asked Sarah, I’d love a session please over your spanking bench for a cold caning with your new favourite nasty cane.

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Kodders and the bullet-proof paddle

As Sarah mentioned at her Best British Spanking Blog, she was given, some time ago, a lovely carbon-fibre paddle which she was told was unbreakable. Let’s face facts, carbon-fibre is used on modern Formula One race cars travelling at speeds of in excess of 200 miles per hour and the carbon-fibre body keeps the cars hunkered down on the ground, however give a lovely lady domme a carbon-fibre paddle and she breaks it thwacking naughty gents bare bottoms….there you have it.

Sarah was very upset about this paddle breaking as she does have a lot of session friends who adore this paddle, I being one of them, so I set about fixing it and luckily I think we’ve succeeded. The carbon paddle is back in action.

However, Sarah had been doing her own research too and found this site called PaddleDaddy which is an American site. She showed me these bullet-proof paddles made from the same plastic materials as riot shields.

I set about trying to buy one, well two actually which did turn out to be quite an expensive endeavour, however I thought in the hands of Sarah Stern they would be most formidable thing indeed and they look so different from any other paddle I’d seen. Sarah did warn me about customs and custom labels and sure enough, when I went to fetch the paddles from the parcel office it had ‘bullet paddle’ on the customs label. I didn’t know where to look as I was signing for the parcel.

The next time I visited Sarah I passed her paddle on and of course, as always, she wanted to give it a go. This time however she decided to film the event and this really is the first time this paddle was used. I don’t think there was much of an introduction to the scene, as Sarah was so excited to get to work with it. It was trousers and pants down and bend over !!

It’s a most amazing feeling. It’s quite heavy, heavier than the carbon-fibre paddle but very robust and quite different because it’s totally transparent as you can see in the film. Sarah did a thorough test I think you’ll agree pretty much destroying my bottom in a short space of time, and bringing out the cane stripes I received about two weeks previous from a lovely cold caning I received from Sarah.

Good luck to all the other folks who will be getting a nice thwacking with this paddle, in fact some lucky chaps in sessions have already had it used on them. If you’re lucky, Sarah may even alternate between carbon-fibre and bullet-plastic, a sensation I don’t think you will experience anywhere else other than in the hands of Sarah and her amazing 121 sessions, or perhaps in a film shot for Sarah Spanks Men.

So Sarah asks the question at the end of the scene, “do you think you’d like this paddle”? There’s only one way to find out, form an orderly queue please.

A focal point for Strand Video Productions can be found at the following link Strandvideo.com , links to other Strand spanking sites as well as a growing collection of compilation video films as described in the titles. There is also a link for custom video production. You provide the ideas (storyboard) and your film will be produced for you in MP4 HD format. Two further links to Clips4Sale and the Spanking Library are also available where you will find an array of wonderful films. The more recent ones towards to top of the page……enjoy !!

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Birthday caning for Parker

Welcome back Parker to Sarah Spanks Men for yet another Birthday caning. For those longer serving members you may recall Parker receiving his first Birthday caning from Sarah way back in film (ssm-018) where Sarah caned him with the heaviest of canes whilst he was bent over the back of a chair (a couple of images of this scene below). It’s a most wonderful scene and what a wonderful way to celebrate your Birthday, a cold caning from the most sublime Sarah Stern.

I (Kodders) have met this lovely gentleman before on a spanking set for Strandvideo.com and Sarah Spanks Men some time ago when we filmed Nasty Nurses film (ssm-038) where I received a lovely double strapping and Parker received a lovely caning from the same two gorgeous nurses film (ssm-041).

So back to this amazing shoot. I was there on the day with Parker where Sarah had earlier ‘tested-out’ a brand new paddle on my bare bottom in the name of research.  Sarah acquired this beautiful transparent bullet paddle from The States only a few days previously and wanted to see how it performed. Perhaps you may get the opportunity to see Sarah in action with this wonderful new implement on a willing bottom soon….watch this space.

So there we were all standing in the kitchen, Mr Stern was busy setting up the shoot, Sarah had gone off to wardrobe to prepare for the shoot whilst Parker and I were having a natter catching up, oh yes and Sarah had left Parker to choose a few nice canes which he’d like used as part of his Birthday caning.

A few moments later Sarah walked back into the kitchen in the most amazing attire, beautiful lingerie adorning her gorgeous body. She walked over and requested we (Parker and myself) lace up the back to her beautiful topless basque. Stood inches away I suddenly found I was all fingers & thumbs, I had to get Parker to hold one end of the lace whilst I threaded the other end, we thought we were doing well until a shout of ‘tighter’ came from Sarah so we followed her instructions.

Now fully dressed Sarah escorted Parker on set where she wished him a Happy Birthday before examining the canes he’d chosen for his special present. It was Parker who suggested the actual caning position where you see him bent right down only with his knees on a cushion, a perfect caning position for Sarah.

The two chosen canes are a set. They are both very thuddy canes, one 60cms and the other 83cms in length. Parker adopts his chosen position whilst Sarah gets herself ready.

What follows is the most wonderful, beautiful, hard, perfect, brilliant cold caning on Parker’s bare bottom. Sarah’s cane stripes are absolute perfection as she alternates between the two canes. There are in excess of 75 of the hardest strokes, and you can see the short and the long canes being used as Sarah changes throughout.

At the end of Parker’s Birthday caning, his bottom is a picture of pure delight, another beautiful caning from Sarah, another unforgettable Birthday for Parker, another wonderful scene for Sarah Spanks Men.

My personal thanks to both Sarah and Parker for a truly wonderful scene.

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Miss Stern Canes Daryl

Welcome back Daryl to Sarah Spanks Men. If you remember Daryl made his inaugural appearance when he received a lovely over-the-knee bare bottom spanking and a very hard paddling from Sarah in her new series ‘A visit to Miss Stern’ because of his wrong doings towards his wife.

I guess Sarah has decided the hand spanking & paddling isn’t the end of his punishments and has decided to bring him back and, the clue is in the title – ‘Miss Stern Canes Daryl’….oh lovely !!

Daryl is ordered by Sarah to apologise on camera to his wife and to accept a hard caning. The cane which Sarah is wielding is one of her all time favourites. This cane packs a real punch as I’m sure Daryl is going to find out in the next few minutes.

Daryl is told by Sarah in no uncertain terms this is going to be a hard caning which is going to hurt a lot. He is told to remove his trousers and pants and adopt the position over Sarah’s spanking bench which she has made ready for him.

The cane strokes start and they are wonderful. The sound they are making as they connect with Daryl’s naked bottom is just amazing, oh yes, these cane strokes are absolute perfection.

It’s no surprise then when lovely stripes begin to appear on Daryl’s bottom with each cane stroke of perfection which lands. Sarah continues to cane in a really lovely slow and rather relaxed rhythm however the power of her cane strokes is business as usual.

Some lovely low down strokes just for good measure as I know Sarah loves to apply these too and she knows just where to land them.

A tiny bit of banter before Sarah announces a final six strokes just to get the message home, her words not mine.

Sarah has to repeat the last stroke because she caught the wall or something with the tip of her cane which meant the full force of the stroke wasn’t received (oh any old excuse Sarah), and what a final stroke it was, wonderful.

A final piece to camera from Sarah as she stands next to Daryl’s who’s left bent over her spanking bench with his very well caned bottom, that this is what naughty boys are going to get if they are sent to Miss Stern for correction training.

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Cold caning for Kodders

In Sarah’s words I do have a habit of stepping out of line and doing things my own way and not the way Sarah tells me. This new scene at Sarah Spanks Men was shot the day Sarah turned up a bit out of the blue really and said it was time I was caned to make sure I’d not forgotten what a proper punishment felt like when I’d done wrong. Her very words were “you are to receive a harsh maintenance cold caning on the bare bottom”.

I must admit, it’s been a while since my last caning and now I was moments away from receiving a cold caning from Sarah, which is one of her most favourite things in the world, I know how much she loves to cold cane whenever she can.

I was pretty much told from the off to remove my trousers and pants and to adopt the position bent over a red leather chair presenting my bottom ready for punishment. Sarah had chosen a beautiful dark smoked straight handled dragon cane which is also lead-weighted, a tiny piece of lead in the very tip of the cane which really helps the swinging action.

On the day I was very nervous as Sarah seemed to be in quite a cross mood. Her expression is..well stern for want of a better word. There were hardly any words spoken in the beginning, just Sarah doing what she came to do applying each cane stroke with such precision, expertise and beauty that she soon had some wonderful stripes appearing on my bare bottom. She did stop from time-to-time to admire her handy work but not for long, she wanted to get back to the caning as Sarah pointed out, this was a real punishment session taking place for my wrong doing, and I was certainly paying the price.

Sarah then announced “some on your legs now” the first words spoken before applying a number of low cane strokes which hurt so much, I was struggling to stay still.

There are some wonderful close-up camera angles and zooms which really show in graphic detail these wonderful cane stripes as they continue to appear with each stroke.

Sarah changed my position slightly over the back of the chair in order to get a different  caning angle on my bottom. She continued her perfect cane strokes with a flurry of three to finish off.

I can’t end without thanking Sarah for what was a most wonderful cold caning, it was an amazing & challenging experience, and one I won’t forget for a very long time. I adore being under your cane Sarah, but I think you know that too. xxx

A focal point for Strand Video Productions can be found at the following link Strandvideo.com , links to other Strand spanking sites as well as a growing collection of compilation video films as described in the titles. There is also a link for custom video production. You provide the ideas (storyboard) and your film will be produced for you in MP4 HD format. Two further links to Clips4Sale and the Spanking Library are also available where you will find an array of wonderful films. The more recent ones towards to top of the page……enjoy !!

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100 wonderful spanking scenes at Sarah Spanks Men

Massive congratulations to Sarah Stern & Sarah Spanks Men, an awesome website dedicated to the punishment of willing male bottoms having reached 100 wonderful spanking scenes.

A Sarah brainchild which has grown from strength-to-strength. There are so many different faces and willing bottoms who have taken part in films posted within the site.  They all bring something slightly different to the party, new story-lines, new ideas, new plots and of course new willing bottoms to be punished for all our entertainment and pleasure.

No doubt you’ve noticed when these chaps make a return in new films as written in other blogs, once you’ve visited Sarah for a 1-2-1 session it’s a given certainty you’ll return at some point. A great deal of these lovely gents who have met Sarah through her 1-2-1 spanking sessions have gone on to appear in her films. It’s always great fun on a spanking set with Sarah and Mr Stern taking care of the technical, audio and visual side of the house.

I’m known as Kodders and I have some favourite scenes I’ve taken part in, starting with the Christmas special in 2014 (file ssm-026) where I was strapped by two gorgeous dommes in my dream, Nasty Nurses (file ssm-038) is a favourite of mine as those two gorgeous dommes made a return where we were all dressed as doctors and nurses, such a fun scene with wonderful punishments, The Cookie Cruncher parts 1 and 2 (files ssm-028 & ssm032), Peeping Tom (file ssm-051), Kodders in the Soup (file ssm-088) and the caning I received in the scene for inappropriate spankart (file ssm-077) was one of the most wonderful caning’s I have received to date. I absolutely adored this scene and Sarah’s caning was just the most wonderful feeling ever.

Thank you to all Sarah’s loyal members who have continued to support this great website. We really do appreciate you support and friendship.

And finally mahoosive thanks to the formidable Stern production team who have given us this amazing site for our entertainment and pleasure.

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A visit to Miss Stern

Welcome Daryl to Sarah Spanks Men for the very first time and huge congratulation to Sarah Stern for having reached 100 wonderful spanking scenes on her wonderful spanking website.

A new series – ‘A visit to Miss Stern’ is a wonderful service provided by Sarah for naughty men who have been caught misbehaving and as a consequence been sent by their wives or girlfriends for correction therapy….the Sarah way !!

Daryl explains his situation whilst Sarah carefully listens, no doubt drumming up ideas for suitable punishments about to be bestowed upon his person.

Daryl is told to remove his trousers and adopt the position over Sarah’s knee.  The spanking is immediate firstly over his pants but only for a few thwacks as Sarah removes them to continue spanking his bare bottom.

Sarah isn’t holding back with her hand spanking which shows as Daryl’s bottom is very soon turning a beautiful shade of red.  He agrees with Sarah when quizzed on whether her hand hurts which is the perfect cue for Sarah to reach for her rather nasty very heavy leather paddle, which is a one-off custom-made piece by The London Tanner.

This paddle is an absolute beast, there’s no other way to describe it and it has featured in a number of men’s films to date. You can see the weight of this thing as Sarah gently applies a few very gentle bottom taps before the first real stroke is delivered.  Cue Daryl’s verbal discomfort….ah yes there it is !!

Sarah alternates between hand spanks and paddle strokes, they’re both pretty hard to be honest. Towards the end of his punishment Daryl is made to stand bending forward supporting himself on the sofa. This is a perfect position for Sarah to continue her punishments for which she has chosen twelve very hard paddle strokes. These strokes for Daryl are very uncomfortable.

Daryl is told to sit so they can continue their conversation. Whatever does Sarah have planned next? We’ll have to wait and see.

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A trial of canes

Nigel is back this week at Sarah Spanks Men I guess for bout two of whatever Sarah has planned.

For his first session last week Nigel was hand-spanked over Sarah’s knee with no warm up, and given a very lovely rosy-red bottom.  He was invited to stay for a further coffee at the end of his first scene on the proviso Sarah could carry out a caning demonstration. Well done Nigel for taking up Sarah’s kind offer of a coffee….oh yeah and a caning.

As soon as the scene opens Sarah has prepared the room with her spanking bench in position and a couple of canes on the chair. I wonder which canes Sarah has chosen for this demonstration, as she has such an extensive collection it must be very hard to choose.

Sarah has chosen a new cane in her collection which looks like a carbon cane, but is in fact a rattan cane which has been coated in nylon. This cane is also weighted boasting a small amount of lead which has been inserted in the tip. This is a lovely straight cane with a lovely firm grip and I believe it’s the first time this cane will have been used on set.

Like us, Sarah doesn’t have much of an idea how this new cane will feel or perform so just to be safe she’s also bought along one of her favourite junior dragon canes which I know she loves to use.  This cane has a real nasty sting to it, I’ve been caned a few times with this cane and it’s very special.

Sarah gives Nigel the choice of canes to start with (that’s very kind of her), of which he chooses the dragon cane, or the normal cane in his words.

I bet it doesn’t feel normal now Nigel, as beautiful stripes begin to appear on his naked bottom. This cane makes an awesome sound as it bites into naked flesh stroke after stroke.  After six lovely strokes with this cane Sarah switches to the new cane, the not so normal cane.

Sarah lands four lovely strokes and Nigel’s reaction on the first one I think is a perfect demonstration of how different and challenging this cane is. Unfortunately, for Nigel that is, there is some debate about the number of strokes, so Sarah decides to do the fairest thing and starts them again. She’s all heart really.

Sarah has a quick inspection and says she things this cane is quite brutal looking at the lovely welts it’s making on Nigel’s bottom, probably slightly different to the first cane.  Sarah alternates the canes a little, to give Nigel a break from the nasty cane, however it seems like Sarah has upped the ante and poor Nigel doesn’t feel like it’s a break at all as Sarah concludes her caning demonstration with her dragon cane. By the end Nigel’s bottom is a perfect picture of caning delight, beautiful stripes and beautiful welts. Well done Sarah, another question answered for the kink community, I guess we’ll all be dashing out for nylon weighted canes, I know I will.

Close-up pictures of both canes have been provided for your perusal.

A focal point for Strand Video Productions can be found at the following link Strandvideo.com , links to other Strand spanking sites as well as a growing collection of compilation video films as described in the titles. There is also a link for custom video production. You provide the ideas (storyboard) and your film will be produced for you in MP4 HD format. Two further links to Clips4Sale and the Spanking Library are also available where you will find an array of wonderful films. The more recent ones towards to top of the page……enjoy !!

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Hand Spanking Hurts

Welcome back Nigel to Sarah Spanks Men for something slightly different. You see what Sarah has lined up today is not a scene with a story-line as such, but more a demonstration that a good hard hand spanking is sometimes all it takes to get the message through, and some may perhaps think a hand spanking is a more mild punishment . I’m sure by the end of this scene Sarah will have you thinking otherwise.

Actually I know only too well from a scene I recently took part in called ‘spanked for inappropriate artwork’ (file ssm-074) where I was pretty much put straight over Sarah’s knee, trousers and pants removed, and with no prior warm up, spanked hard on the bare bottom from the off !!

Sarah has this knack where she can spank with both hands without having to turn her spankee round, she can spank just as hard with her right hand as she can with her left. When Sarah gets into her stride she is one of the hardest lady hand-spankers there is and she is very well known in spanking circles as a very hard hand spanker.

Whilst hand spanking is an adorable punishment it’s also a very challenging one to get through, especially when Sarah throws in a few of her tricks such as pulling the hairs out your legs and running her gorgeous sharp finger nails all over your bottom and legs it makes the whole thing even more of a challenge. She will have you wriggling and squirming in no time. She’s rather good at it to be honest.

So you can see Nigel has it all to look forward to as he is told to get over Sarah knee having been told to remove his trousers and pants and present his bare bottom ready for his hand spanking.

In no time Nigel is over Sarah’s knee being spanked very hard as Sarah alternates between her left and right hand, you can clearly hear the smacks on his bare bottom which sound absolutely delightful. Nigel’s bottom is quickly turning a lovely shade of red as Sarah continues her wonderful spanking paying particular attention to the top of his thighs I think Sarah calls it ‘the sit spot’ which is also turning a lovely shade of red.

Oh dear, Sarah has started with the nails treatment. She is wearing gorgeous bright red nail varnish which looks gorgeous as her nails are pushed into Nigel’s bare flesh and dragged up and down his legs and bottom. Damn you could do that to me right now Sarah if you so wished, I adore it and I’m sure Nigel’s moans are those of ecstasy over pain.

A combination of spanks and yet more nail treatment to conclude this wonderful scene.

Sarah asks Nigel if he would like to stay for another coffee and if so, she will provide a caning demonstration. Damn, I hope he accepted !!

I wanted to finish by saying, Sarah, you look absolutely divine with your new hair style and hair colour, you really do look gorgeous it totally suits you Madam.

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George my builder caned

So in the last episode of the bumbling builders at Sarah Spanks Men we watched Mike take a lovely hard caning from Sarah whilst Lola-Marie observed from nearby, Lola being completely naked by the way !! This was scene – file (ssm-095).

If you remember at the end of the scene Mike did say he’d learnt his lesson when asked by Sarah. George on the other hand was sat very quietly throughout proceedings of course hoping that everything was done and dusted and that Sarah was finished with her punishments.

Sarah decides to do a bit of a ‘caning stock-check’ pointing out that Lola and Mike have been punished and with the biggest grin ever turns to George and says he’s the only one left, and he thought he’d gotten away with it. He couldn’t have been more wrong !!

Sarah gives Mike and Lola the option of taking George’s cane strokes instead but they somehow seem against the idea coming up with various excuses, which soon leads to George having to get in position bent over the sofa presenting his naked bottom ready for Sarah’s caning for which she has chosen a very lovely junior dragon cane which is a pretty nasty cane, quite thuddy and stingy all at the same time. Sarah’s cane strokes are making the most amazing sound as they are expertly delivered on George’s bare bottom.

There are some lovely cane stripes and quite deep welts showing on George’s bottom, as I said this cane is a pretty nasty implement, perhaps you’d like to try it yourself at some point? I’m sure Sarah would be most happy to cane you with it at your request.

Lola gets very close at times inspecting Sarah’s wonderful handy work as the cane strokes continue to rain down on George’s bare bottom.

Sarah concludes with a half-dozen strokes on a now very well punished bottom. I doubt George will be sitting on it for quite some time to come.

A focal point for Strand Video Productions can be found at the following link Strandvideo.com , links to other Strand spanking sites as well as a growing collection of compilation video films as described in the titles. There is also a link for custom video production. You provide the ideas (storyboard) and your film will be produced for you in MP4 HD format. Two further links to Clips4Sale and the Spanking Library are also available where you will find an array of wonderful films. The more recent ones towards to top of the page……enjoy !!

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Timothy light-finger

Welcome back Timothy to Sarah Spanks Men although not sure he’s pleased to be back. You see on his last visit Sarah had given him a hard over-the-knee spanking for being in possession of a missing bank note (file ssm-090). Now you would have thought this would have sorted out the problem but no, it seems Timothy has been taking money again.

Sarah is furious that her first punishment had no effect and so decides to make this second session a much harder ordeal. She has lined up the most beautiful large leather paddle / strap, and one of her new dragon canes, the junior dragon in this case. Timothy is told in no uncertain terms he is going to be strapped and caned…hard ..no warm up..no mercy (Sarah’s words not mine) !!

As promised, Timothy is soon bent over the kitchen table, pants straight down so Sarah can get to work on his bare bottom with her large paddle.

No warm up, just straight in. The sound of leather on naked bottom is wonderful. Sarah doesn’t hold back as she delivers blow after blow. This is soon bringing out a lovely colour to Timothy’s bottom.

Sarah reminds Timothy that the cane is still to come and he replies with “I can’t take it too hard”, somehow I think this is going to spur Sarah on as she brings her cane into play.

This is a wonderful cane. it’s quite swishy but had a certain thud all at the same time. You can see the gorgeous stripes appearing on Timothy’s bottom stroke by stroke. I think Timothy takes about 40 of these wonderful precise hard cane strokes which are delivered by Sarah to absolute perfection.

Sarah moves round very close to Timothy’s face as she asks him if he’s learnt his lesson. Timothy seems to be having a bit of difficulty in answering, so just to make sure Sarah announces a further six strokes just to make sure.

Six wonderful cane strokes in quick succession to conclude this wonderful scene.

Wonderful scene thank you Sarah and Timothy.

A focal point for Strand Video Productions can be found at the following link Strandvideo.com , links to other Strand spanking sites as well as a growing collection of compilation video films as described in the titles. There is also a link for custom video production. You provide the ideas (storyboard) and your film will be produced for you in MP4 HD format. Two further links to Clips4Sale and the Spanking Library are also available where you will find an array of wonderful films. The more recent ones towards to top of the page……enjoy !!

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Your Took Advantage Part 2 – Mike Caned

The new scene at Sarah Spanks Men this week takes us straight back to the last episode of Your Took Advantage Part 1 where those bumbling decorators were paddled by Lola-Marie and Sarah herself.

Pretty much from the off the two chaps George and Mike are left kneeling on the sofa with their very well paddled naked bottoms on display, and as the last paddle stroke lands Sarah intervenes and says it’s time for the cane. Damn lucky chaps is all I can say !!

Sarah picks a lovely straight-handled senior dragon cane and gets to work on Mike’s bottom as George and Lola are made to watch, sat very close by. Mike is soon feeling Sarah’s beautiful cane strokes which are producing a lovely set of stripes which Sarah inspects and reminds George he’s next. Sarah switches to a lighter junior dragon cane which is a very stingy cane indeed. You can hear the difference between these two canes as they are expertly applied to his bare bottom.

There are some excellent close-up shots as Sarah continues her caning which shows the wonderful stripes in all their glory.

Lola taunts George about his pending caning as Sarah continues to cane Mike, and it has to be said, George does look a tad worried !!

Sarah concludes Mike’s caning with a lovely flurry of strokes before leaving the room. I guess George is next at some point.

A great caning, and oh yes I forgot to mention the fact that the gorgeous Lola-Marie is completely naked throughout. I guess the heating must have stuck on or something !!

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