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Sarah Spanks Men and Guests

Sarah Spanks Men is a wonderful spanking website dedicated to the punishment of willing male bottoms.

Ok so it says Sarah Spanks Men, but that hasn’t stopped Sarah bringing in other spankees, tops or switches to appear in her films on this her most wonderful spanking website.

There have been some amazing scenes to date with guest appearances from the likes of Lola-Marie, Princess Portia, April-May and the most gorgeous Jess who likes to cane naked. Not only do they get to appear in the films but they get the chance to join in and punish those willing male bottoms.

I remember when I (Kodders) was caned by Jess and Paddled by Lola-Marie, as directed by Sarah of course but they were extremely enjoying sessions and proved to be great films.

On top of these wonderful ladies guest appearances, we have lots of different stories and costumes. Sarah is often seen in the most gorgeous lingerie, if you remember Peeping Tom which was a scene I took part in, where you see me spying on Sarah dressing (file ssm-051), which ends up with me being caught and going over Sarah’s knee for a hard slippering.

A new story is St JUSTS Academy, where it’s the parents who are punished for their child’s bad behaviour. There are some great scenes already published at Spanking Sarah and the story has recently appeared at Sarah Spanks Men with on screen couple Kodders and Kali.

There are always new ideas, new sets, new costumes, new willing male bottoms and an ever growing number of guest appearances by female tops, bottoms and switches. I think it’s what Sarah calls mixing it up a bit.

We hope you continue to enjoy this amazing spanking website, which is one of the best dedicated to the punishment of willing male bottoms. 

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The Impersonator

So there I was (Kodders) getting the set ready to shoot a spanking film. Everything was pretty much set up and ready, cameras – check, lights – check, sound -check , I was just waiting on Mr Stern who was about but obviously busy. Sarah had gone out to do the shopping and wasn’t expected back for at least another hour or so.

So there I was waiting on set by myself when out of the blue walks in this wonderful lady in the most wonderful dress and stockings. She must have let herself in the back gate and into the conservatory. She introduced herself as Ambrosia and told me she’d come to see Mr Stern. Now I had a couple of options – 1) come clean and say Mr Stern would be here shortly or 2) Say I was Mr Stern, well after looking at her gorgeous bottom in her very short dress I couldn’t help myself and said I was Mr Stern. Ambrosia said she’d come for her first spanking ever and was really eager to get going.

Ambrosia was over my knee in a flash being spanked by ‘Mr Stern’ firstly over her dress and then with her dress lifted to reveal her tiny thong which was soon removed for her very first bare-bottom spanking. I have to say it was the most wonderful experience spanking this cute ladies’ bare bottom and she seemed to be enjoying it too. I thought to myself, damn Mr Stern, you’re a lucky man.

I continued spanking her bottom, oh I nearly forgot to mention, you can watch this scene at English Spankers as I did have the cameras running, it’s file spr-1654.

I must say I was enjoying myself (and I think Ambrosia was too) that I completely lost track of time and was caught red handed with a very red bottom over my knee by Sarah as she walked in the room with Ambrosia still over my knee. Sarah had a chuckle as she realised what had happened but unfortunately for me her mood soon turned very stern indeed, Stern by name Stern by nature.

I was made to stand up, remove my trousers and pants to be humiliated and punished in front of Ambrosia for my wrong doing. Sarah used a very thick leather strap paddle and made sure she got the back of my legs as well as my bare bottom. It hurt so much as I was being punished with Ambrosia sat right next to me. Sarah switched to her cane, a horrible heavy thuddy rattan cane and continued her punishment. I don’t know exactly how many cane strokes she delivered but it was enough to leave my bottom broken and very stripy.

I was made to stay in position whilst Sarah and Ambrosia inspected by now very punished bottom.

Did I learn my lesson, damn right I did, I would never say I’m Mr Stern ever again, maybe, perhaps !!

This film was also captured for Sarah Spanks Men and don’t forget Ambrosia’s first ever spanking is new at English Spankers.

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Henry and the sex doll

Welcome back Henry who is becoming a regular at Sarah Spanks Men.

The scene opens with Sarah chatting with Luna-Rose, for those Spanking Sarah members you may remember Luna as a naughty nurse who received some lovely punishments in the past from Sarah.

The two ladies are looking through an array of lovely paddles which are some of Sarah’s favourites and it sounds as though they’re expecting the imminent arrival of a willing male bottom who hasn’t shown up, at least not yet. If you know what’s good for you and your bottom, you’d never be late for a session with Sarah, or for any wonderful Domme for that matter.

Surprise….as Henry bursts through the door. I don’t think Sarah was expecting him however in the absence of anyone else, I suppose his bottom will have to make do.

Henry tries to make amends to his dreadful behaviour we all learnt about in an earlier scene where in the past he broke one of Sarah’s favourite dolls. He’s given Sarah a life-size inflatable sex doll as a gift and in way of an apology.

It’s obvious from Sarah’s reaction all is not well. Now Henry has two options, 1) Run 2) stay and face the consequences. Unfortunately Sarah has already chosen option two as Henry is positioned in the chair with his trouser and pants removed. Remember Luna has been watching from the start so I guess the two ladies will get to try those paddles out after all.

Luna is invited by Sarah to take it in turns paddling Henry’s naked bottom. What’s not good for Henry is Luna has chosen one of the thickest, nastiest & heaviest leather paddles which was custom made to order. Sarah has chosen a slightly lighter slipper paddle which is being applied very firmly indeed.

The two ladies switch paddles so the ‘possibly the nastiest paddle ever made’ is now in Sarah’s hands. Henry’s bottom is soon turning a wonderful shade of red from this paddling which stir’s Sarah on to straddle his bottom and continue with the slipper paddle. I don’t think Henry really knows what to do other than apologise of course.

Luna is left practicing on Henry’s bottom as Sarah dashes off to fetch a cane, oh deary me Henry. I guess you won’t be buying any more life-size inflatable sex dolls as gifts….in the future !!

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Parents at St JUSTS

There are so many great spanking mini-series at Spanking Sarah, Red Stripe Films, English Spankers and now Sarah Spanks Men. Probably the most classic series of all is Unladylike Manor & The Sexy Cleaning Company which have been running for some years now, however some of the newer series to hit these wonderful spanking sites at Strand Video are The Spanking Cook Book, and now St JUSTS Academy. There have been some wonderful scenes to date at St JUSTS but there’s a twist, it’s the parents who are punished by the Academy head principle Sarah Stern.

The new scene at Sarah Spanks Man is a double punishment for Kodders and Kali. Their little boy, little horror more like, Jonathon has been playing truant and both parents have been called in by the head principle. This is humiliating enough for Kodders and Kali as they are no longer together but have to sit side-by-side being ridiculed by Principle Stern for their Son’s bad behaviour.

Principle Stern removes her glasses as she asks Mr Kodders if he’s comfortable lying length-ways over the Academy’s new spanking bench with his trousers and pants removed. A very nasty leather paddle is the Principles choice to use on Kodders thighs which I can tell you hurt like hell. Poor Kali is made to stand and watch but no fear, she will be punished afterwards I’ve no doubt.

Kodders bottom is very soon turning a very bright shade of red which looks like a big square shape due to the edges of the paddle. Kodders does give Principle Stern a bit of back-chat which is the most stupid idea as it ends up in extra punishments whilst sill over the bench.

How many paddle strokes does Principle Stern deliver? I have no idea I lost count as there were so many and just when Kodders thinks it’s all over as he’s been made to stand in the corner, he’s told by Principle Stern to get back over her bench for the final part which turns out to be a hard caning.

By the end of the caning Kodders bottom is very well punished. I doubt he’ll be back at St JUSTS in a hurry, if he knows what’s good for him !!

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Spanking News – you need to read this !!

You may not be aware but there is a serious attempt being made to block access of adults to legal websites. This is happening by surreptitious means. You will get all the information you need by following this excellent news blog at  Spanking News.

Mr Stern for Strand Video runs Spanking News updating this blog on a regular basis. It’s an excellent place for all your news feeds to catch up with what’s going on in the world of Kink.

Let’s hope for all our sake’s we’re allowed to continue enjoying our kink online in a democratic kink society.

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Henry destroyed my toys

Henry is back at Sarah Spanks Men this week.

Think back to file ssm-113 where Sarah had her ‘eureka’ moment suddenly remembering Henry as a distant memory but having definitely had dealings with him sometime in the past….ahhh the penny’s dropped. Henry went out with Sarah’s older sister, and little did he know that in years to come he’d be over her younger Sister Sarah’s knee for just punishments.

Henry had broken one of Sarah’s favourite dolls and in his first scene he took a lovely hard over-the-knee spanking and a hard paddling with one of Sarah’s favourite leather paddles – ‘Big Bertha’.

In the new scene, Henry is seen finishing off his lines only to have them ripped up in front of him by Sarah who’s just entered the room with two canes. Henry is given the choice of which cane he would like first. 

Ah yes a wise choice in a lovely vintage crooked-handled rattan cane. Henry is soon in position ready for his caning but just before Sarah reminds him that the last caning was 30 strokes so this one will have to be more.

Henry complains about a couple of low strokes which Sarah explains were right on target as far as she’s concerned. Ouch, a double cane stroke, those are horrible as there is no recovery time between strokes and it certainly catches the spankee off guard, it’s happened to me on many an caning occasion. 

Sarah switches to a very swishy cane and the sound as it strikes Henry’s bottom is amazing, you can hear it cutting through the air before it makes contact. A most wonderful sound. This cane is producing the most amazing stripes on Henry’s bottom.

Sarah switches back to the vintage cane for the final ten strokes and that’s a job well done.

There is a lovely piece of editing at the end of the film as a bonus scene which shows the cane strokes edited together. This is wonderful idea and thanks to Mr Stern for this extra scene.

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My Escort Caned

Welcome back Nigel to Sarah Spanks Men. If you recall in his last scene (file ssm-112) Nigel had managed to get his diary mixed up and had gotten the days out of sync. He thought it was a pub night out and missed an important date with Sarah. You’d have thought the thorough paddling he got with that nasty leather slipper paddle would have been enough.  

It seems not as the scene opens with Nigel bent over Sarah’s wonderful spanking bench, bare-bottomed with Sarah wandering around behind brandishing one of her lovely straight-handled dragon canes.

It seems as though Nigel has been trying to pull the wool over Sarah’s eyes again lying about what he was doing when Sarah went out as Sarah had cunningly placed a hidden camera recording his every action and word, now that’s what I call a cunning plan.

It seems Sarah has an extra punishment in store for Nigel as she begins to cane his naked bottom with lovely hard perfectly places strokes.

I think the paddling Nigel received earlier must have left really deep bruising as Sarah can’t see the stripes appearing. Only one thing to do, apply some lovely  hard low cane strokes for good measure.

A final six very hard strokes to conclude proceedings, well at least for now, Sarah’s words not mine.

I think you’ll agree Sarah looks simply stunning in this wonderful dress. No wonderful willing male bottoms are lining up to be caned. 

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Henry writes his lines

Welcome back Henry to Sarah Spanks Men who requested to come along to see Sarah as he’s only gotten into the CP scene quite recently and he’s still exploring different things on his relatively new subby journey.

In his first scene Sarah used a wonderful array of different implements to give Henry a real flavour of different sensations from leather, wood & rubber paddles as well as a wonderful Loopy.

In the new scene Sarah opens with one of those ‘eureka’ moments where suddenly she remembers Henry as a distant memory but having definitely had dealings with him sometime in the past….ahhh the penny’s dropped. Henry went out with Sarah’s older sister, and little did he know that in years to come he’d be over her younger Sister Sarah’s knee for just punishments.

So what’s it all about? Well years before he allegedly ripped the arms off Sarah’s favourite doll and told her she’d be next. If ever there was a crime fit for punishment it has to be this.

To start proceedings, Sarah decides to give Henry lines ‘I will not torment young girls’. Henry thinks he can outsmart Sarah by simple writing squiggles on the page as he sure Sarah won’t be able to see clearly enough to say otherwise.

Sarah returns with a lovely new pair of reading glasses hanging around her neck and I think you can see where this is heading !! Sarah dons her new glasses and – OMG what an absolute picture of pure perfection, let’s end the scene right here so we can ogle & lust over this breathtaking beauty never seen before in glasses. 

Sadly not we have to move on. To say Sarah is cross is an understatement and for some unbeknown reason Henry is still chuckling about the whole thing. I’ve got a feeling he may not be laughing in the next few minutes.

Henry is soon over Sarah’s knee receiving a harsh bare bottom spanking. I can’t believe how quickly Henry’s bottom is turning bright red under Sarah’s hand spanking and I’ve just noticed a large leather paddle affectionately named ‘Big Bertha’ by Sarah sitting on the coffee table nearby.

Sarah leans forward to get her formidable paddle and decides to change position by kneeling Henry in the chair to provide the best target ready for her next punishment. Sarah starts her paddling and they are very hard thwacks indeed, they are really hitting home with this paddle making the most wonderful sound as it connects with Henry’s bare bottom. I think Sarah is in her absolute element here with one of her favourite paddles.

Henry is still in some doubt at the end of his punishment so is left to complete a thousand lines or it’s the cane, Sarah shouts as she leaves the room.

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Escort to the theatre

Wishing all you wonderful Kinksters a very Happy New Year and we hope you continue to enjoy Sarah Spanks Men in 2017.

You see Nigel has managed to get his diary mixed up and has gotten the days out of sync. He thought it was a pub night out but when Sarah enters the room in her amazing dress, her  wonderful attire somewhat suggests something else….ah yes it was meant to be a night out at the theatre as Nigel pours himself a beer in his jeans and scruffy jumper.

Lucky for Nigel Sarah has just bought herself a brand new leather slipper-style paddle. It’s a most wonderful implement. It’s a good size but retains a lovely flexibility about it too. It’s small enough to allow excellent control with an amazing sting from perhaps a larger implement. It delivers an amazing thwack as I’m sure Nigel is about to find out.  

Sarah starts by giving Nigel hand punishments followed by his bare bottom allowing her hard thwacks to follow through like you would a larger prison-strap kind of implement. Between multiple thwacks Sarah users her gorgeous sharp nails clawing around Nigel’s bottom adding to the pain of her strapping. 

The sound on Nigel’s bottom as Sarah lands her blows is just amazing. You can hear him struggle to get through these strokes as Sarah changes her position a good number of times including stood right over Nigel’s bottom with him wedged between her legs giving her the perfect bare-bottom target. At times the frequency of thwacks is just immense, no breaks at all. 

A wonderful  scene, wonderful implement and of course the most wonderful Sarah Stern in true form as always delivering a perfect bare-bottom strapping with a rosy well-strapped bruised and very sore bottom as her trophy.

I don’t think Nigel is going to be messing up his diary again in the future, certainly not after a punishment like that.

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Kodders, Sarah and the cane

Well I’m back (Kodders) at Sarah Spanks Men this week, but let me take you back to the last scene (ssm-110) where Henry tried a number of Sarah’s thickest canes. The last cane Sarah used in this scene was a super-senior straight handled dragon cane. This is from a set of three canes Sarah bought online. Thing was the super-senior was a tad too long so Sarah asked me if I could shorten it a little, so I cut off a tiny bit and carefully remoulded the cane tip.

Hey presto, this cane is now becoming a firm (excuse the pun) favourite of Sarah’s amongst her ever growing collection of implements of all types.

So picture it, the scene continues where Sarah finished last time, me over her knee receiving a very firm slippering.

Sarah slaps my face at the start of this new scene, I think it’s one of those ‘attention getters’,  before producing this very cane, the now trimmed super-senior dragon cane.  My mind started racing with all kinds of thoughts as I was told to strip and bend over. Surely not this cane, perhaps Sarah had another cane somewhere and this was just for the start of the scene !!

Sadly not, I was bent over the sofa and caned with this 12mm in diameter dragon cane. I have to be absolutely honest it was one of the hardest and most painful canings I have received to date from Sarah and yet at the same time it was the most wonderful, exhilarating and challenging canings I’ve managed to get through too. I adore being caned and one of Sarah’s most favourite things is to deliver a cold caning, that is no warm up, straight into caning a cold bare bottom. I can tell you, things soon warm up when you find yourself in this situation. You will see me struggle in this scene, this isn’t me messing about or acting as such, this is very real.

There was one point in the film where my belt-buckle was rattling on the floor and for whatever reason made Sarah very cross indeed, I think it was just the irritating noise. Sarah told me to make sure it was perfectly quiet and for every time it made a noise it would be an extra cane stroke. Somehow I managed to get through the final (started off as six), but ended up as nine strokes without the buckle making a noise, however there was a great deal of noise coming from me as Sarah’s wonderful perfect hard cane strokes connected with my now totally reddened, sore and stripy bottom.

I hope you enjoy watching this scene and sharing with me once again a wonderful cold caning from the most gorgeous, perfect, sublime domme the simply wonderful Sarah Stern, thank you for this wonderful caning and lifting me back on cloud nine…

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Henry tries my canes

Welcome back Henry to Sarah Spanks Men who requested to come along to see Sarah as he’s only gotten into the CP scene quite recently and he’s still exploring different things on his relatively new subby journey.

In his first scene Henry received a wonderful array of implements from Sarah including leather, wood and rubber paddle as well as a lovely introduction to the Loopy all used on his bare bottom. Henry did really well but was left hanging to Sarah’s words of ‘let me go fetch my canes’.

In fact Sarah has chosen five canes, all senior and / or super-senior canes, one of which I believe is being used for the first time, the purple-handled super-senior straight dragon cane which has been  shortened slightly to add a bit more accuracy. Nigel is going to be Sarah’s test bottom to see how the cane performs. Sarah has suggested six strokes with each cane, five canes so a possible total of 30 strokes.

Sarah has also learned that it was recently Henry’s Birthday and he already knows how Sarah likes to celebrate this. Usually a bare-bottom caning with a cane stroke for each year notched up. Remember the recent scene, Parker’s Birthday caning, that was something like 70+ strokes.  For some unbeknown reason, Henry has turned down Sarah’s very kind offer.

Sarah starts with a short thuddy cane for the first six strokes which in actual fact is a really rather nasty cane. Sarah switches to a slightly longer cane which is certainly bringing out some lovely lines on Nigel’s bottom.

A senior dragon cane next before switching to a similar cane to the first short one used, just slightly longer and finally the super-senior dragon cane which has been modified slightly.

Ah yes, this cane is hitting home, Henry is really feeling these strokes as Sarah continues with the session.

As the session concludes Sarah congratulates Henry as she admits she didn’t think he would get past the third cane as the two final canes were the most severe yet Henry managed it so well done to him. I think you’ll agree, Henry’s bottom is sporting some wonderful stripes from the caning he’s just received from the most wonderful Sarah Stern.

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Kodders & Miss Sarah’s Slippers

You know the kind of thing, you’re at the supermarket doing your weekly shop pushing your trolley about when some leggy blonde lady cuts you up in the aisle and you have no option but to ram her in the legs, well of course it was an accident….honestly !!

Now the thing is in most instances an immediate apology usually cuts the mustard, but unfortunately in this case the lady in question is Sarah Stern and no amount of apologies was going to make up for her rather cross mood.  

I’ve been looking after Sarah’s gorgeous doggies and I’d popped out to get a few bits for them and never expected to see Sarah at the shops, in fact I thought she’d gone out with Mr Stern so I wasn’t expecting her home when I returned.  Of course like a complete idiot I tried to deny the entire incident which took place only a few hours previous. Sarah had it in her mind I was looking to buy a gentleman’s’ top shelf publication which is why I wasn’t looking where I was going, damn she has such a vivid imagination…anyway, the shop had sold out of ‘big n busty’ !!

I’d completely ruined Sarah’s evening and Mr Stern had gone off on his own. Sarah was awaiting my return and had already chosen some implements, slippers in fact, three of her favourite ones. Now I’m sure you’re thinking slippers ? You got off lightly !!

You could not be more wrong. Sarah soon had me over her knee bare bottomed awaiting her punishments. She teased the fact that my bottom was in pristine condition but would soon look very different. It’s hard to explain the fear and anticipation going through one’s mind literally moments before the punishments begin but I was now feeling this fear.

Sarah starts her punishments paying particular attention to the backs of my legs, upper thighs which are soon looking very sore, even after a few strokes. Sarah explains her thinking, if she can keep my bottom in pristine condition and concentrate on my thighs, the punishment is still quite severe, however Sarah has a pristine unmarked bottom ready for a cold caning later on and we all know this is one of Sarah’s most favourite things.

I tried to cheer Sarah up a little with a positive comment at least she’s saved some money that she would have otherwise spent on her night out. For some reason she didn’t like it much and awarded twelve further slipper strokes. Not sure how I managed it but I lost count at eleven and had to start the whole thing again.

By the end my thighs are looking pretty sore just as Sarah predicted but my bottom is still quite unmarked, which is good in Sarah’s eyes as I’m told to go off and fetch Sarah’s thickest hardest cane.

I adore the cane but this cane, suffice to say I’ve very worried about what’s to happen next.

Sarah was dressed ready for her night out and I’m sure you’ll agree she looked absolutely sublime, a wonderful low-cut dress, sorry I nearly popped you out of it once or twice !!

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